The ‘C’ word


Hi readers, it being the weekend i was away entertaining a few of my friends, playing host and making sure everyone has a good time. I hate to neglect trunkhalffull but sometimes you also need time to gather your thoughts.

Lately, i have been reading a lot of posts on Facebook, which talk about the ‘C’ word. What is the word i am referring to here? Well, it is “CHEAT”. This word pushes all sorts of emotions through me; from fear to insecurity to trouble. What exactly does this term mean? Who is a cheater? I have often wondered why people do this to each other in a sound relationship. I finally found an answer!

To begin with, the word cheat according to me, relates to being unfair. Cheating does not necessarily mean having any sort of a relationship outside the one you’re already in. Also, i don’t think it has to do with an emotional connect. Cheating means much more than this. I feel bad when people downright insult their partners just ’cause of one wrong move. But, do you ever wonder what you could have done to have caused it? Do we really question ourselves, ever? Sleeping with someone, is the mildest of the cheating. You probably think i am out of my mind but give it a listen.

There are other things in the relationship which show what it means to be unfair. For example, giving due attention to your partner not just in times of need but every day. Why is it fair that only one person in the relationship gives all the attention, all the dedication and all the time of his/hers to the other? Isn’t it cheating? I mean why do we choose a specific person to get along with, it is because we expect things to happen a certain way with that particular person. What happens when expectations like these are not met? Hurt, negativity and an unsound mind. Next, the act of being selfless. How many of us can vouch for this? How many of you out there can do something for someone without a motive or an expectation? Very few. It is totally unfair when one of them sacrifices the littlest of things for the one they love, all because the other person can’t and won’t do it for you or because they are just used to using you like this. Isn’t this cheating? You let go off the last piece of pie, you probably even go hungry but never starve them, you compromise on sleep, schedule etc. to name a few. I am not trying to be bitter or hateful about this, of course all of us have to make sacrifices but why can’t it be evenly distributed?

You cheat almost every single day. But the word is so loosely used only to describe having an extra-marital or sleeping with her best friend. It overshadows the other, far more important aspects of life. The one’s you have to deal with daily. I suggest each one of you to give it a thought. Cheers.


Eventful November

sweet_novemberCelebrations all around. Season of festivities. Weather wise perfect. While i mourn with the rest of the world for the unfortunate incident in France, I am somehow positive back here and in great spirits. I love November, not just because you find cute bearded boys supporting the cause of cancer, but also ’cause it is the month of anniversaries, birthdays and other exciting stuff. Winter wedding was probably the best decision that we’d ever taken.

This time November has come in the form of overflowing love. It feels like such a happy month and i feel that 2015 itself has been a very fulfilling and eventful year for me. Before the next year even begins, i start wondering about what new is going to come my way this time. I have this thing of either trying to update my skills or learning a new one. Do any of you pre-plan your upcoming year? I am not talking about resolutions (we seldom abide by that), i am talking about wanting to learn something new, discovering your passion, creating something or just improvising on your existing talents. I believe that each one of us has some sort of a talent embedded in us. While some of us bring it out in the open, there are a few others who refrain from doing so. I encourage each one of you to give yourself enough credit, to boost your morale and to kick start your new year with a bang! I mean, why not?

Journey home…


Hi dear readers, it is 22:55 ISD and i am leaning against the head board of my bed and while i am in this position, all i can think of right now is to go home. What is home? Home is where my parents live along with my adorable dog. Home is 1000 odd kilometers from where i am now. This is the longest i have stayed away from my parents and during the course i even lost my paternal Grandmother. She was most loved by me, of all the grandchildren. But the good part is, i could do my bit before i left and i know for a fact that she will always be watching over me.

I have my travel booking site open on another tab and though i am writing down my thoughts here, my mind is wavering towards all the things i want to do in those six days. All those things that i missed out on while i was away, even if it means just sitting on that comfortable couch that my parents have or may be even taking a walk outside the apartment with my dog. Simple pleasures in life anyone? I have a list of them. Lucky for me, my better half is just the most comfortable person to be around. Someone with whom you don’t need to think twice at all before scratching your face, smudging your eye liner, smelling of alcohol or any other quirks of the sort.

Coming to the point, i hope i get to go home. I hope it all works out and everything just falls together in the end; from the flights to the bus journey, from day 1 to day 6. Here’s wishing all my readers a very happy and fulfilling weekend. Cheers

Buzz word

TRAVEL- a term that promoted not just tourism but career options as well in the past few years. From websites that help you book your stay and your tickets to young explorers leaving high end jobs just to experience a change in environment. We saw it all! I saw hashtags like #travel diaries, #naturelover, #lovelife, #vagabond etc. but what I didn’t see was someone offering tips to travel light, to travel right. When one travels, I believe they have a story to tell, in fact every bit of travel has so much to offer. It is not just about what to carry or what not to carry, it is more about meeting new people on the way and by this I don’t mean the guides, the cool hipsters or someone you met at the bar. I am talking about vendors, locals, popular food stall owners or the not so popular ones. The best tips often come from those you wouldn’t otherwise interact with or add to your facebook friend list.

Have any of you met someone who changed your travel plan? Who probably brought something new to the platter? Who may have suggested something ordinary but it turned out to be the most extra-ordinary part of your journey? I would love for you to share your story. Looking forward…

A word?

Good morning readers, this is my first post here and i am seriously hoping you enjoy my blog. Just to give you a flavor of what i will be writing about; well to sum it up, everything from everyday! Yes, i want my readers to know about life as me and many others know it. What’s new about that? Well, that’s where perspective comes into the picture. I would love for all of you to be as involved as you’d like to be, but I would definitely like you to be involved for one. So, happy reading and happy posting!