Buzz word

TRAVEL- a term that promoted not just tourism but career options as well in the past few years. From websites that help you book your stay and your tickets to young explorers leaving high end jobs just to experience a change in environment. We saw it all! I saw hashtags like #travel diaries, #naturelover, #lovelife, #vagabond etc. but what I didn’t see was someone offering tips to travel light, to travel right. When one travels, I believe they have a story to tell, in fact every bit of travel has so much to offer. It is not just about what to carry or what not to carry, it is more about meeting new people on the way and by this I don’t mean the guides, the cool hipsters or someone you met at the bar. I am talking about vendors, locals, popular food stall owners or the not so popular ones. The best tips often come from those you wouldn’t otherwise interact with or add to your facebook friend list.

Have any of you met someone who changed your travel plan? Who probably brought something new to the platter? Who may have suggested something ordinary but it turned out to be the most extra-ordinary part of your journey? I would love for you to share your story. Looking forward…


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