Journey home…


Hi dear readers, it is 22:55 ISD and i am leaning against the head board of my bed and while i am in this position, all i can think of right now is to go home. What is home? Home is where my parents live along with my adorable dog. Home is 1000 odd kilometers from where i am now. This is the longest i have stayed away from my parents and during the course i even lost my paternal Grandmother. She was most loved by me, of all the grandchildren. But the good part is, i could do my bit before i left and i know for a fact that she will always be watching over me.

I have my travel booking site open on another tab and though i am writing down my thoughts here, my mind is wavering towards all the things i want to do in those six days. All those things that i missed out on while i was away, even if it means just sitting on that comfortable couch that my parents have or may be even taking a walk outside the apartment with my dog. Simple pleasures in life anyone? I have a list of them. Lucky for me, my better half is just the most comfortable person to be around. Someone with whom you don’t need to think twice at all before scratching your face, smudging your eye liner, smelling of alcohol or any other quirks of the sort.

Coming to the point, i hope i get to go home. I hope it all works out and everything just falls together in the end; from the flights to the bus journey, from day 1 to day 6. Here’s wishing all my readers a very happy and fulfilling weekend. Cheers


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