Eventful November

sweet_novemberCelebrations all around. Season of festivities. Weather wise perfect. While i mourn with the rest of the world for the unfortunate incident in France, I am somehow positive back here and in great spirits. I love November, not just because you find cute bearded boys supporting the cause of cancer, but also ’cause it is the month of anniversaries, birthdays and other exciting stuff. Winter wedding was probably the best decision that we’d ever taken.

This time November has come in the form of overflowing love. It feels like such a happy month and i feel that 2015 itself has been a very fulfilling and eventful year for me. Before the next year even begins, i start wondering about what new is going to come my way this time. I have this thing of either trying to update my skills or learning a new one. Do any of you pre-plan your upcoming year? I am not talking about resolutions (we seldom abide by that), i am talking about wanting to learn something new, discovering your passion, creating something or just improvising on your existing talents. I believe that each one of us has some sort of a talent embedded in us. While some of us bring it out in the open, there are a few others who refrain from doing so. I encourage each one of you to give yourself enough credit, to boost your morale and to kick start your new year with a bang! I mean, why not?


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