The ‘C’ word


Hi readers, it being the weekend i was away entertaining a few of my friends, playing host and making sure everyone has a good time. I hate to neglect trunkhalffull but sometimes you also need time to gather your thoughts.

Lately, i have been reading a lot of posts on Facebook, which talk about the ‘C’ word. What is the word i am referring to here? Well, it is “CHEAT”. This word pushes all sorts of emotions through me; from fear to insecurity to trouble. What exactly does this term mean? Who is a cheater? I have often wondered why people do this to each other in a sound relationship. I finally found an answer!

To begin with, the word cheat according to me, relates to being unfair. Cheating does not necessarily mean having any sort of a relationship outside the one you’re already in. Also, i don’t think it has to do with an emotional connect. Cheating means much more than this. I feel bad when people downright insult their partners just ’cause of one wrong move. But, do you ever wonder what you could have done to have caused it? Do we really question ourselves, ever? Sleeping with someone, is the mildest of the cheating. You probably think i am out of my mind but give it a listen.

There are other things in the relationship which show what it means to be unfair. For example, giving due attention to your partner not just in times of need but every day. Why is it fair that only one person in the relationship gives all the attention, all the dedication and all the time of his/hers to the other? Isn’t it cheating? I mean why do we choose a specific person to get along with, it is because we expect things to happen a certain way with that particular person. What happens when expectations like these are not met? Hurt, negativity and an unsound mind. Next, the act of being selfless. How many of us can vouch for this? How many of you out there can do something for someone without a motive or an expectation? Very few. It is totally unfair when one of them sacrifices the littlest of things for the one they love, all because the other person can’t and won’t do it for you or because they are just used to using you like this. Isn’t this cheating? You let go off the last piece of pie, you probably even go hungry but never starve them, you compromise on sleep, schedule etc. to name a few. I am not trying to be bitter or hateful about this, of course all of us have to make sacrifices but why can’t it be evenly distributed?

You cheat almost every single day. But the word is so loosely used only to describe having an extra-marital or sleeping with her best friend. It overshadows the other, far more important aspects of life. The one’s you have to deal with daily. I suggest each one of you to give it a thought. Cheers.


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