No power


For the first time in a long time i realized how dysfunctional i can get. We had power cut the ENTIRE day, barring half an hour during the day. That means, there was no Wifi which led to no writing or using my phone. Then again i couldn’t use the mixer grinder for my cooking, ended up making something average. I couldn’t iron my clothes for day after. No television. No chilled water.

However, amidst all of this i realized that this was nothing but some piled up tasks which should’ve been finished otherwise. But, the good part about the power cut was that i could focus my energy on things other than electronics, taking me back to the 90’s when i was growing up. I was always proud of the fact that i don’t require to use my phone at all times or be obsessed with it. The truth hurts, and somehow i did manage to feel a little alienated without it. So, my question is do we depend on the internet for solutions to all of our problems or do we try to come up with our own?


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