Weight and watch !


Hello readers, i am back! i was hibernating for two and a half months as i didn’t have much of an option. There was no access to internet but its been a while and i’m back with tons of stories for you’ll to read.

Remember how i was whining about wanting to go home to my family? Well, i had excess time with them. I spent these two months entirely with my family and extended family. No more complaining for a long time.

Apart from that, i caught up with my friends, had a wild time with them just like old times and also gained a few pounds in the bargain. Not ashamed of it but currently working on it as i want to fit into my pretty dresses, which somehow seem to have abandoned me.

I have started enjoying food now; something i never particularly liked while growing up. My taste palettes now want to explore different cuisines, flavors and textures. Now, when i love something i do go all out to express it. So gaining a few pounds here and there was never my concern. I have been stick thin so far so i did get a lot of criticism for these extra kilos. Hence i stopped to asked myself, “Does it really bother me?”. Pat came the reply, “NO”. When i asked myself that question i realized how people are bullied or how their self-esteem goes for a toss just ’cause someone passes a remark or has an opinion about the way they are. I want to shout out to all you beautifully curved people out there, “PLEASE DON’T GIVE A FUCK”. Sorry for being this curt but why should anyone have the right to mock you when in the first place you are pretty comfortable in your skin?? Do NOT allow yourself to feel any less just ’cause your cheekbones don’t jut out or ’cause your waist has crossed the 20’s league or that you can’t be a part of the crop top trend.

On the other hand, it is good to be fit but it isn’t necessary for survival. One just needs to be healthy, no matter what the size. So darlings, embrace yourself and love what you are instead of succumbing to the stereotypical image of what a woman should be. YOU are what a woman should be, never forget that!


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