Nacido para bailar (born to dance)


And 5,6,7,8… I have never loved numbers more than when they are used to start a routine in dance or form beats. Dance found me. When I was 2 years old, my father had taken me to a sugarcane juice vendor near the railway station. We probably traveled by train and to quench his thirst he may have stopped at the stall. Now, the sugarcane machines back then had these tiny bells attached to them. Whenever the machine was running, it made this fine yet catchy tinkling sound as the bells were tied to it. If memory served him right, my father remembers me moving my hip and derriere to match the rhythm of those bells. All this while I was in his arms. He tells me that, that was the cutest sight ever as I just started grooving to the most random sounds and with so much of confidence. My father has a knack of telling stories. He makes you feel like you have lived it even if you haven’t and that is exactly what I feel about this particular memory. This vague image of me dancing in his arms is probably the reason why I started dancing in the first place.

He always encouraged me to do better and to do the things that I love. When it came to dancing, I was always fearless and would go up on stage and perform without any stage fright. Right from school, up until now I haven’t given up on it. I am not one of those dancers you find on dance shows, the highly trained ones. No, I am not! I have been trained but I dance more from my heart. I define the term “letting your hair down”. Dance is something I was born to do, something that gives me utmost happiness and satisfaction. It pulls me up from the dead, literally.

The best experience I have had is with my girlfriends. We dance like nobody’s watching. We always own the dance floor wherever we go and we are so in sync without even trying to coordinate. We reach a different high, we become something new as soon as we enter the bar/pub and we cannot get enough. I think each one of us is passionate about something that’ll make you feel this way. I reckon that all of you should find your passion and bring it out in the open without fearing anything or anyone. If not now, then when? Ask yourself this, I know I have and I am never giving up on it šŸ™‚



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