Nothing a coffee can’t fix.

It was good to see the bright rays of the sun this morning. Felt like eternity, as I never wake up in time to appreciate what brightens our day, in the literal sense. Today, I stood there(my terrace) and noticed all the things around me which I somehow have not paid much attention to.

To begin with, my garden has orange and yellow flowers, which look pretty wild but absolutely stunning. Breaking those bold colors, there is this small plant which grows lavender colored flowers. They are those delicate flowers with tiny petals which would make for very good dried flowers, after being pressed between the pages of a novel. I regret not taking as much interest in gardening as I should have, but I have now found a new something for me to pursue 🙂 .


Furthermore, I saw the first Periwinkle, slowly waking up just like me, spreading its beautiful pink petals. I started imagining what mornings would be like for flowers. Do they wake up to face the day, to provide nectar to the bees, to celebrate their beauty or do they wake up with the fear of withering away, of living just for the day. All this while I sipped on some hot filter coffee; it opened up my senses and gave me this new energy just by being around the little patch of nature. So what coffee did to me, a little sprinkling of water did to the plants. They came alive.

I think what I was trying to convey through this post was that, we all have five senses but we aren’t quite aware as to how we can use them to their fullest. I am not generalizing here, but I am sure that like me, there are many others who have moments of awakening, of living, of getting in touch with reality. For me, coffee acted like a catalyst for this particular morning and soon I won’t even be needing that. Thing to remember is, however busy one gets, there is always room for ‘me’ time, which all of you should engage in as I strongly believe that, you are own teacher!


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