For the “love” of colors.



Hello world! I don’t know how many of you are aware of this festival called Holi, that we celebrate in India. For those of you who have no idea about it, it is the festival of colors. We celebrate it by using colored powder that we apply on each other, followed by massive water attacks. Some of us like to make water balloons and target our friends while some others prefer doing it the old school way by filling buckets of water and throwing it from our roof tops. It is on the same lines as the tomatina festival in Spain, just that we don’t use tomatoes.

We all get down and dirty on this day but this festival is celebrated for a reason. They say that even enemies need to call it a truce and reconcile on Holi. Holi is that festival which aims to bring people together. It is the festival of LOVE, love of two divine souls in Hindu mythology. However, this year I find that in many parts of India, people have sworn not to use water.They want it to be a dry Holi. The reason behind this is the rising awareness among the masses, of the water shortage faced by people in some parts of the country. While Holi is mostly a one day affair where gallons of water is wasted, there are some people who are fighting for this precious resource. Facebook being such a strong medium of interaction, the awareness has spread on a large scale.

The thought behind making an effort to save the human race from facing drought makes me really happy on one end but it also angers me when I hear of the very same humans misusing these chemical colors by throwing it on animals. Why can’t efforts be made to avoid cruelty towards those poor voiceless souls? We often get to know of such cruel acts only the day after, once the celebrations come to an end. Animals suffer while humans enjoy! Their skin tends to get itchy, they get rashes and many such grave issues are faced by them. This is a pity because even though most of our population is educated, they are completely illiterate and oblivious when it comes to caring for our ‘abandoned’ or ‘ignored’ animals. I humbly request those of you gearing up to play Holi tomorrow, PLEASE limit it to yourselves! Animals are NOT interested in engaging. So play safe holi, play dry holi and here’s wishing each one of you a very Happy Holi!


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