The mistress.



She sat on the bed, with the cupboard opened right in front of her and donned her typically clueless expression. When it came to clothes, she could never get enough.  It was always very tough for her to decide what to wear for a particular occasion. She used to pick out a few pieces, dump them on the bed, hold them against herself and take a good look in the mirror. And if there was more time, she used to try them on! For silly things like these, she used to consult her husband and bug him till he picked out one ensemble. To him, she looked beautiful in everything she adorned but that’s never a satisfying compliment for her. So even after his decision, she would try to chalk out the pros and cons of the outfit that he chose, finally deciding to wear what SHE thought was perfect for the occasion. Such was their love.

She told herself “If only he was around to help me decide”. She missed him the most during these silly endeavors, however he was far gone. She would always ask herself “Should I call him? Will she be around or will he be free to talk to me?”. They would go hours or sometimes days without talking. Finally, she decided to dial his number. The phone rang the first few times and then went into “unavailable” mode. She was restless, she wanted to speak to him but somehow held herself back. He had packed one night and left the next morning, giving her very little time to comprehend what was happening. She never cribbed or complained, she never called frantically for she knew that “she” was waiting on the other end to bind him to her. But that day, was one of those days where she needed to hear his voice, to feel beautiful about herself and to just remind herself of what she misses for she had  dedicated her everything to him.

After a long wait, her phone finally rang and it was his name that popped up on the screen. She couldn’t gather herself, she felt excited, emotional, irritated and so many mixed feelings ran through her. She received the call and heard him say “Hi baby, sorry I couldn’t attend to your call, how are you?”. The very affectionate term “baby” itself had her covered in goosebumps. “That’s okay. I am good”. She wanted to say so much more but she was just taking it all in minute by minute. He asked again, “Are you sure you are okay boo?”. She let out a heavy sigh and said, “I have missed you SO much. I have been sitting in front of my cupboard for the past hour, not knowing what to wear and I need to attend a party in about 45 minutes. I miss fighting with you, doggy misses you too, so does our garden, so does our car. Why aren’t you here?”. He said, “It’s just a matter of a few days now and I am coming home to you my love.”

“No no I understand that she needs you more right now, and I know that she has always been your priority so be where you have to be, just know that I will be missing you”. She heard him laugh at the other end and say to her, “Why are you so insecure about her? A little jealous rather? She is important to me but so are you. What do you call her again? My mistress huh? Darling, serving the nation is what I swore to do and duty will always be a priority to me but baby YOU are the love of my life and I too miss you a lot, you need to know that”. Suddenly all those feelings left her body and she was calm as the waters for she just needed to hear him say those words. All of us need some reassurance from time to time, don’t we? She went on to asking, “The pink one or the green one”.



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