Missing link.


Hello dear readers, I know it has been a while since I last posted a write up but it kind of was a set back for me when the last article I wrote by putting in so much thought, didn’t attract many readers. Nonetheless, I write to share my thoughts, to put them out in the open and I am sure that somewhere down the line I will connect to my audience 🙂 .


If I haven’t mentioned already, I have been home alone since the 16th of this month as my husband was detailed to go somewhere for a task. This was the first time ever that I have lived all by myself. Strange isn’t it? I am 27  now, never experienced hostel life or been a paying guest. Never lived away from family, ever. Every time he had to leave, I used to plonk myself at my parents’ or at my in laws. But this time I was too far away from home, so the question of being around familiar blood ties didn’t arise.  However, the strange part about this arrangement was that I didn’t miss any one. Of course I missed sharing the bed with my love, who wouldn’t? I missed having him around to talk to, to cook for, to sing with, to bathe, to make love to etc. But it was just a matter of time till I got used to not having him around.

I felt a little evil inside because truth be told, I thought I will be miserable when he leaves and that I will be home sick. Sooner than later I realized that I am someone who needs her ‘ME’ time. I got around to doing things I have a certain amount of passion towards and in the process I completely lost myself, taking each day as it comes. Ideal situation is where the better half counts days till she reunites with her loved one, but here I was only counting on days to finish what I had started.

These past few days have been very productive and kind towards me, but all in all I do miss my baby, I am eagerly waiting to touch him, to share with him whatever little that I have done for myself as I know that he will be the only one to make me feel like I have achieved something great at the end of the day. So in conclusion, “we may not be related by blood, but for you, I will bleed and my heart will beat”.



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