Girl power.

downloadIt is that time of the year, when a plan is finally shaping up and this time it is going to be a little different. Last year in April, my best friend and I decided to travel to Auroville all by ourselves and there was nothing I didn’t love about that trip. When you decide to travel with them girls, the first question is “are they YOUR kinda girls?”. Well, I’m sure that most of you will understand and agree to what I mean by that question.

A few days ago someone posted a link on Facebook about an all women’s trip, happening in the first week of June. Now that I am posted in the northern part of India, I wanted to explore as many places as I could. The trip I am referring to is to a place called Kasol. It is not only a scenic beauty but is also a stoner’s paradise. There are quaint villages within a radius of a few kms surrounded by beautiful natural hot springs where they often cook rice in. There is certainly a different joy to eat that kind of boiled rice.Also, Bob marley and Lord Shiva seem to make for interesting art or graffitis around this little town. When there is Bob marley painted on the walls, you know there is going to be some insane music scenes as well. Kasol is host to a few music festivals as well, like Cokabana, Parvati valley trance etc. Unfortunately there is nothing happening around the time we visit the place.

The place is also known for its amazing Iranian cafes and cuisines. So far I have heard great reviews about food from whatever little research I have managed to do. Then, there is some exciting space for shopping as well where you can buy semi precious stones, Bob marley merchandises, pipes, clothes etc. It is more than a month away and I can’t contain my excitement :O . Going with a group of complete strangers to star gaze, to be lost in haze and to be amazed, now that is one well deserved break I can see ahead of me. So, here’s hoping Kasol is everything I imagine it to be and more. Wish me luck!


29th year.

It is my brothers 29th birthday today. I am not with him at present but how I wish I was. He is going through a tough time and I don’t wish for anyone to go through that especially when their birthday is around the corner. But, on this day I get reminded of the super fun birthday parties that mum used to organize for us when we were little. Also, a few memories come to mind when I think of him.

My brother has always liked GOOD things in life. Something that has a branded tag, is his 😛 . Me, au contraire would never ask for anything, but somehow always ended up getting whatever it is that I wanted. I remember how I used to let go off something that I liked, just because he wanted the exact same thing. Usually, elder siblings do that but in our case it was the opposite. He and I are not the best of pals as such, but he did manage to give me a good childhood. We killed time by playing all his kind of games like WWF trump card, cricket, car racing, superman v/s batman, cycling  to name a few. I was the mistake child, so to say but I was good company for him nonetheless.

He was always a foodie and I was the fuss pot but that meant that I could always dump my food onto his plate just to escape being scolded by mum. There was this one time where I couldn’t digest my food and I ended up vomiting in the kitchen. The sweetest thing ever happened! My brother sat and cleaned all that vomit just so that my mom won’t ever find out.

Since we both went to the same school, no one could mess with me. I was facing trouble with two of these guys from class and my brother showed up in all his might and held them by their collar. Funny part about this was, he was stick thin himself haha. But the “elder brother” tag had stuck on and that in itself was enough for someone to be threatened.


Today, on his special day, I wish for him to go back to being the way he was when we were little, I wish for him to have an amazing future and I just want him to know that if there is no one by his side, he can count on me. Here’s to another year, another number!

The cleaner.


I was cozy in my blanket,wrapped like a little caterpillar in its cocoon. Every morning at around 9, the help rings the door bell to come clean my house but today the door bell went on ringing continuously till it broke my sleep. A little furious, I sped in my half asleep state, all geared up to blast the cleaner. But then… THIS happened! I opened the door, only to find this gorgeous young fellow, dressed in his camouflage, sporting the signature Aviators, asking me “Hello, do you remember me? Have you forgotten my face?” I could not believe my eyes! I was shocked, surprised and all of that at once. It was my husband! Yes, it was him standing there with his broad shoulders, giving me a surprise I didn’t anticipate.

I was prepared that I wasn’t going to be seeing him until the 30th of this month, and there he was at my door step. I walked away into our room, so carelessly, hiding my excitement and the rush of feelings that went through me like a bolt of lightning. He followed me into our room, while I had already bounced back into my bed. He joined me and finally I could revisit that feeling you get when the loving hand of your man, touches you. He held me like he meant it, he scanned my skin with his beautiful soft hands and before I knew it, I was making love to the man in uniform. A fantasy I have played a 100 times in my head but somehow could not make it a reality. It felt surreal. It felt new. It felt like US. Certainly it was the best way to be woken up. Who knew that mornings can be so full of excitement, when all these days I have missed the impression of his body to the right side of my bed. It was magic and this visit will keep me going for the next few days.

We often tend to take the ones we love for granted, seldom cease to think there is art in everything you do, when it is done with them. So, my message to all of you would be, live for the day, live for the one you love as it is a beautiful symphony of every breath you take together and every heart beat you synchronize to create that beautiful melody. For love is a song and I knew YOU were the verse all along.

Hung on Hang

This soul stirring music that it produces, has got me falling more in love with it. Yes, I am talking about the Hang drum. For those of you who aren’t aware of it, I will post some links below and trust me it will be totally worth your time.

Initially when I watched the video “hang massive-once again”, I just couldn’t believe how this turtle shell looking instrument is capable of creating such soothing and beautiful music. The duo play it so effortlessly. Their calm exteriors itself is so appealing that I instantly took to it and researched more. Turns out, this is actually an exclusive instrument. You are lucky if you own one. I hope lady luck shines on me someday but currently I am so obsessed with it that I want to own one sooner than later. Problem that I will face in this case is shipping it to India. 😦 However I have recently learned that a distant cousin of mine may come in handy in this case. Also, if any of you can help me out in any way, do tell.

For now, sit back and enjoy the music 🙂



Task for the day: Transforming an ammunition box to something more presentable.

So, I was given this task by none other than my husband, may be two months ago. The time has finally come, to act on it. I learnt the technique of decoupaging last year and although I don’t think it is difficult at all, it does require a certain amount of creativity and patience. Firstly, it helps to have some sense of color combinations or design in mind. Secondly, the technique to make the surface look like one, is a challenge. It comes with a lot of practice and sand paper is the best material to smoothen out any rough edges. Anyway, this is what I have been able to achieve so far:

Image-1 (6)

I got a bottle, a bottle full of red wine..

Inspired by the song ‘pocket full of sunshine’, this is my rendition of it. I have never really been a wine drinker as such. I either do rum or beer, based on the weather. Sometimes I like a good Bloody Mary but that’s as far as I go with experimenting with my spirits. My husband picked up a case of this amazing red wine called Takin. I didn’t exactly call it amazing when I first took a sip of it in 2014, but after last night my opinion has changed.

This wine is basically Bhutanese and he bought it when he had to pay a visit to the border. This is not an exclusive wine I’m sure but it is one fine wine if you ask me. More on the sweeter side, it has a very odd tangy flavor. Something that doesn’t linger on your palette but one that blends into the rest of the taste. So, last night I finished one whole bottle all by myself 😛 . For someone who doesn’t do wine, this was quite a transition. I guess listening to good music and having great food did this to me. At times, you are your best company! I would like to know the things that you’ll enjoy doing in your lone time? Do you’ll go all out there or is it just about resting up or some quiet activity? Do post!

A little something.

You are like the comma,

who gives some space

But what can I do

if I miss your face?

You’ve been gone too long

for me to even take in

When you aren’t around

my world is rather shaken.

I kill time, I buy time

I watch the sun and moon

can’t help but ask you,

darling will you come back soon?

It’s been days, it’s been weeks

not long away from 30 days

at least give me a number,

would you please clear this haze?

All I want is to touch you,

to hold you in my arms again

I can’t remember the last time

I felt this bitter sweet pain.

Super hot Saturday.


Hello readers, I am currently melting at 38 degree celsius, can’t even begin to imagine how the heat will soar up after a few weeks. Since the past four days, it has been really warm and all that keeps playing in my head is Sean da paul’s song temperature. Keeps me going!

So, it has been over a month since my husband has been on the move continuously so it practically feels like I am a spinster, living life on my own terms. Not a bad idea actually as I can wake up whenever I want, cook whatever I want and do the laundry at my own leisure. But this routine has completely ruined the disciplined one I had going when my mother-in law was around. Anyway, whenever it is a Saturday, I miss my time in my old city where my girls and I would be planning on what to do for the night, which pub to hit and what clothes to wear. The concept of Saturday changed once I came here, but today is going to be an exception. There is going to be dance and there are going to be ladies, may not be the ones I often hang out with but something is better than nothing.

We are all going to drive down to a place which is 45 minutes away from where we are, just to attend this master class that our trainer is organizing today. It is a mix of Bollywood and Bhangra (punjabi folk dance). Both these forms are super energetic and I know for a fact that I will need to carry an extra set of clothes. Heat and dancing results in excessive sweating, even more than my normal quota. When it comes to my love for dance, I forget weather conditions, menses, personal problems etc. and just go with it. So hot or not, dancing brings out the best in me.

So, here’s hoping that each one of you have an amazing weekend ’cause I know I will 🙂 . Adios amigos!

Army- arm-candy


“Not a job. It is my honour”. This post is for all the ‘olive’ wives, who play a very integral part of being an Army wife. Being the arm candy to your man, comes with more responsibilities than just being an ordinary wife. You are married to three families instead of two. The unit becomes your family and you become a profound member of it.

Choosing to be a part of this family, comes at a price. Firstly, you are a reflection of your husband and you will be assessed keeping him in mind. This means that one must be properly groomed by their better halves. More often than never, wives behave like they wear the ranks. This sends out a very wrong impression of the officer. The army wife is nothing but an “add-on” and this I say in the least offensive context. She is the support arms and not the leading foot soldier. She is the mirage not the desert. She is the range not the shooter. Most troubles shape up when the wives are not in tandem with the regimental regulations of their respective units. This is not just a clause but these are golden terms and values that have been followed for generations.

You must be wondering why I am writing about the role of an army wife? Well, it is simple. Off late I have been coming across some very senseless women who have completely ruined the peace of this so called “peace” station. Thing to remember is, whenever there are too many women in a room or some set up, there is WAR! It is really unbelievable how at this age, and especially the women with children, are trying to bring people down. One must avoid miscommunication in such a set up and how you can do that is, by keeping the information you know, to yourself! Yes, that is a start! Not every bit of info has to leave your system.

Next, as a lady you are expected to indulge in gossip. Fair enough! Gossip is good when it isn’t malicious, conniving and done to ruin someone’s image. How does one deal with bad gossip, yes there is something as bad gossip too. Well, you should remember this quote the next time you hear some silly piece of info about yourself, “You are nobody until you are being talked about”. So, take everything positively and life in the unit can be a cake walk.

Finally, if someone is better at something than you are, praise them or encourage them to do better. How hard is it for you to say a few nice things to somebody? It becomes your good deed for the day and it makes their day better. So two targets with one arrow? Why not! Jealousy in the case of women, can be dangerous. Why do I use the word dangerous? It is because we women can sometimes go to any extent to make life hell for someone, just because we are jealous. Jealousy comes when you can’t stand someone being better than you in any department be it talent, looks, dressing sense or even when your better half is well liked. It is sad to see how we humans function sometimes. We choose to see the trunk half empty than the TRUNKHALFFULL. Open your eyes dear ladies, make better choices, be the bigger person. You may not wear the ranks but you are your man’s golden girl, prove to be one and there’s no heart that cannot be won!

Looking for an answer

You came, you loved

You were sent from the one above.

I was fallen, I looked around

You were there to hold the ground.

It was real, it was magic

I was moved, no longer static.


I fell so deep, in a trench so steep

Not knowing you’ll make me weep.

And now I see, your true identity

in the form of a selfish being.

Beginning to wonder if this was all,

all that I signed up for.

I felt you were different,

but you turned out indifferent

to me, to me, to ME

I now begin to seek, the answers

to my questions,

didn’t realize that love couldn’t heal.

You came, you loved

You were sent from the one above

But only to make me hate LOVE.