Army- arm-candy


“Not a job. It is my honour”. This post is for all the ‘olive’ wives, who play a very integral part of being an Army wife. Being the arm candy to your man, comes with more responsibilities than just being an ordinary wife. You are married to three families instead of two. The unit becomes your family and you become a profound member of it.

Choosing to be a part of this family, comes at a price. Firstly, you are a reflection of your husband and you will be assessed keeping him in mind. This means that one must be properly groomed by their better halves. More often than never, wives behave like they wear the ranks. This sends out a very wrong impression of the officer. The army wife is nothing but an “add-on” and this I say in the least offensive context. She is the support arms and not the leading foot soldier. She is the mirage not the desert. She is the range not the shooter. Most troubles shape up when the wives are not in tandem with the regimental regulations of their respective units. This is not just a clause but these are golden terms and values that have been followed for generations.

You must be wondering why I am writing about the role of an army wife? Well, it is simple. Off late I have been coming across some very senseless women who have completely ruined the peace of this so called “peace” station. Thing to remember is, whenever there are too many women in a room or some set up, there is WAR! It is really unbelievable how at this age, and especially the women with children, are trying to bring people down. One must avoid miscommunication in such a set up and how you can do that is, by keeping the information you know, to yourself! Yes, that is a start! Not every bit of info has to leave your system.

Next, as a lady you are expected to indulge in gossip. Fair enough! Gossip is good when it isn’t malicious, conniving and done to ruin someone’s image. How does one deal with bad gossip, yes there is something as bad gossip too. Well, you should remember this quote the next time you hear some silly piece of info about yourself, “You are nobody until you are being talked about”. So, take everything positively and life in the unit can be a cake walk.

Finally, if someone is better at something than you are, praise them or encourage them to do better. How hard is it for you to say a few nice things to somebody? It becomes your good deed for the day and it makes their day better. So two targets with one arrow? Why not! Jealousy in the case of women, can be dangerous. Why do I use the word dangerous? It is because we women can sometimes go to any extent to make life hell for someone, just because we are jealous. Jealousy comes when you can’t stand someone being better than you in any department be it talent, looks, dressing sense or even when your better half is well liked. It is sad to see how we humans function sometimes. We choose to see the trunk half empty than the TRUNKHALFFULL. Open your eyes dear ladies, make better choices, be the bigger person. You may not wear the ranks but you are your man’s golden girl, prove to be one and there’s no heart that cannot be won!


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