Super hot Saturday.


Hello readers, I am currently melting at 38 degree celsius, can’t even begin to imagine how the heat will soar up after a few weeks. Since the past four days, it has been really warm and all that keeps playing in my head is Sean da paul’s song temperature. Keeps me going!

So, it has been over a month since my husband has been on the move continuously so it practically feels like I am a spinster, living life on my own terms. Not a bad idea actually as I can wake up whenever I want, cook whatever I want and do the laundry at my own leisure. But this routine has completely ruined the disciplined one I had going when my mother-in law was around. Anyway, whenever it is a Saturday, I miss my time in my old city where my girls and I would be planning on what to do for the night, which pub to hit and what clothes to wear. The concept of Saturday changed once I came here, but today is going to be an exception. There is going to be dance and there are going to be ladies, may not be the ones I often hang out with but something is better than nothing.

We are all going to drive down to a place which is 45 minutes away from where we are, just to attend this master class that our trainer is organizing today. It is a mix of Bollywood and Bhangra (punjabi folk dance). Both these forms are super energetic and I know for a fact that I will need to carry an extra set of clothes. Heat and dancing results in excessive sweating, even more than my normal quota. When it comes to my love for dance, I forget weather conditions, menses, personal problems etc. and just go with it. So hot or not, dancing brings out the best in me.

So, here’s hoping that each one of you have an amazing weekend ’cause I know I will 🙂 . Adios amigos!


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