I got a bottle, a bottle full of red wine..

Inspired by the song ‘pocket full of sunshine’, this is my rendition of it. I have never really been a wine drinker as such. I either do rum or beer, based on the weather. Sometimes I like a good Bloody Mary but that’s as far as I go with experimenting with my spirits. My husband picked up a case of this amazing red wine called Takin. I didn’t exactly call it amazing when I first took a sip of it in 2014, but after last night my opinion has changed.

This wine is basically Bhutanese and he bought it when he had to pay a visit to the border. This is not an exclusive wine I’m sure but it is one fine wine if you ask me. More on the sweeter side, it has a very odd tangy flavor. Something that doesn’t linger on your palette but one that blends into the rest of the taste. So, last night I finished one whole bottle all by myself 😛 . For someone who doesn’t do wine, this was quite a transition. I guess listening to good music and having great food did this to me. At times, you are your best company! I would like to know the things that you’ll enjoy doing in your lone time? Do you’ll go all out there or is it just about resting up or some quiet activity? Do post!


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