The cleaner.


I was cozy in my blanket,wrapped like a little caterpillar in its cocoon. Every morning at around 9, the help rings the door bell to come clean my house but today the door bell went on ringing continuously till it broke my sleep. A little furious, I sped in my half asleep state, all geared up to blast the cleaner. But then… THIS happened! I opened the door, only to find this gorgeous young fellow, dressed in his camouflage, sporting the signature Aviators, asking me “Hello, do you remember me? Have you forgotten my face?” I could not believe my eyes! I was shocked, surprised and all of that at once. It was my husband! Yes, it was him standing there with his broad shoulders, giving me a surprise I didn’t anticipate.

I was prepared that I wasn’t going to be seeing him until the 30th of this month, and there he was at my door step. I walked away into our room, so carelessly, hiding my excitement and the rush of feelings that went through me like a bolt of lightning. He followed me into our room, while I had already bounced back into my bed. He joined me and finally I could revisit that feeling you get when the loving hand of your man, touches you. He held me like he meant it, he scanned my skin with his beautiful soft hands and before I knew it, I was making love to the man in uniform. A fantasy I have played a 100 times in my head but somehow could not make it a reality. It felt surreal. It felt new. It felt like US. Certainly it was the best way to be woken up. Who knew that mornings can be so full of excitement, when all these days I have missed the impression of his body to the right side of my bed. It was magic and this visit will keep me going for the next few days.

We often tend to take the ones we love for granted, seldom cease to think there is art in everything you do, when it is done with them. So, my message to all of you would be, live for the day, live for the one you love as it is a beautiful symphony of every breath you take together and every heart beat you synchronize to create that beautiful melody. For love is a song and I knew YOU were the verse all along.


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