29th year.

It is my brothers 29th birthday today. I am not with him at present but how I wish I was. He is going through a tough time and I don’t wish for anyone to go through that especially when their birthday is around the corner. But, on this day I get reminded of the super fun birthday parties that mum used to organize for us when we were little. Also, a few memories come to mind when I think of him.

My brother has always liked GOOD things in life. Something that has a branded tag, is his 😛 . Me, au contraire would never ask for anything, but somehow always ended up getting whatever it is that I wanted. I remember how I used to let go off something that I liked, just because he wanted the exact same thing. Usually, elder siblings do that but in our case it was the opposite. He and I are not the best of pals as such, but he did manage to give me a good childhood. We killed time by playing all his kind of games like WWF trump card, cricket, car racing, superman v/s batman, cycling  to name a few. I was the mistake child, so to say but I was good company for him nonetheless.

He was always a foodie and I was the fuss pot but that meant that I could always dump my food onto his plate just to escape being scolded by mum. There was this one time where I couldn’t digest my food and I ended up vomiting in the kitchen. The sweetest thing ever happened! My brother sat and cleaned all that vomit just so that my mom won’t ever find out.

Since we both went to the same school, no one could mess with me. I was facing trouble with two of these guys from class and my brother showed up in all his might and held them by their collar. Funny part about this was, he was stick thin himself haha. But the “elder brother” tag had stuck on and that in itself was enough for someone to be threatened.


Today, on his special day, I wish for him to go back to being the way he was when we were little, I wish for him to have an amazing future and I just want him to know that if there is no one by his side, he can count on me. Here’s to another year, another number!


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