Girl power.

downloadIt is that time of the year, when a plan is finally shaping up and this time it is going to be a little different. Last year in April, my best friend and I decided to travel to Auroville all by ourselves and there was nothing I didn’t love about that trip. When you decide to travel with them girls, the first question is “are they YOUR kinda girls?”. Well, I’m sure that most of you will understand and agree to what I mean by that question.

A few days ago someone posted a link on Facebook about an all women’s trip, happening in the first week of June. Now that I am posted in the northern part of India, I wanted to explore as many places as I could. The trip I am referring to is to a place called Kasol. It is not only a scenic beauty but is also a stoner’s paradise. There are quaint villages within a radius of a few kms surrounded by beautiful natural hot springs where they often cook rice in. There is certainly a different joy to eat that kind of boiled rice.Also, Bob marley and Lord Shiva seem to make for interesting art or graffitis around this little town. When there is Bob marley painted on the walls, you know there is going to be some insane music scenes as well. Kasol is host to a few music festivals as well, like Cokabana, Parvati valley trance etc. Unfortunately there is nothing happening around the time we visit the place.

The place is also known for its amazing Iranian cafes and cuisines. So far I have heard great reviews about food from whatever little research I have managed to do. Then, there is some exciting space for shopping as well where you can buy semi precious stones, Bob marley merchandises, pipes, clothes etc. It is more than a month away and I can’t contain my excitement :O . Going with a group of complete strangers to star gaze, to be lost in haze and to be amazed, now that is one well deserved break I can see ahead of me. So, here’s hoping Kasol is everything I imagine it to be and more. Wish me luck!


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