I stood up..

Now before you’ll get me wrong, I am not referring to any of my dates that I may have stood up back in the day. Of course I’ve done that a lot but this is above all that.

I’ve been doing a little thinking and I’ve come to realize that I’ve always stood up for what I believed in. By this I mean that if I don’t feel right about something, I don’t go ahead with it. There was a phase in my life when I was pursuing a career option in event management. Since I am a people’s person I thought this could work. So I used to take up events on and off as I was freelancing and one of the events landed me in this place called Kolkata. Now, I really do thank my parents in offering me support even in my stupidest of decisions. But that’s what parents do I guess or it’s just that I am extremely lucky!

The company who I signed up with had told me that we will be flying both ways. Our onward journey was by air but once I reached the venue and interacted with the other girls I realized that I was being played. While the rest of them were told about the return being a train journey, they had come prepared to take the 36hr journey back home. However, I had committed to another company the next day of my arrival. This was when I thought that we were flying back. I lost my cool and although I was just another team member, I did not cringe even once before asking for what I truly deserved. I called the organizer and gave him a piece of my mind. I threatened him that if he didn’t book my flight tickets I was going to raise more hell at the event. So almost an hour or so later, I finally managed to get tickets that were not only for me but for two of my friends as well.

Far away from home, while feeling so powerless I somehow managed to stand up for what was right and get my dues. Thing to remember is, no one in this world has more power over you than you yourself. You need to realize your worth and there will be nothing that will stand in your way. So fight for justice to be done to you, instead of being a mute spectator.


Teaching the teachers.


Of all the lessons and methods that I learnt during my teacher training course two years ago, I hold one lesson very valuable. It is that of being a learner in any environment. Teachers are facilitators, true, but we are also learners. I believe that we have a lot to learn from our students, who are, let’s face it; our present generation. Their reactions, their responses, their questions, their curiosity; there’s nothing not to love!

Last Friday, I was asked to conduct English language sessions for teachers from a reputed school here. This task was supposed to go on for a week so that the keen teachers learn a little more about the software. I am someone who always wants to reach out to people, help a little more and be selfless. The teaching profession has made me aware of more of my inner qualities along with these. I want to teach to make a difference. I can’t just stand in front of the class, go on teaching only to realize that I can’t connect with my students. This project of teaching the teachers was something I needed to do for myself, in order to understand my capabilities. The first two days was a little difficult as no senior teacher would appreciate someone younger than them to take charge. So it is safe to say that there may have been some ego issues, subtle but prevalent. But as the days passed, they noticed that I am there to help them out and not to outsmart them. I got great responses from them, they took to me well and this was a major boost for me.

Today, I had to conduct a test which was nothing but a recapitulation of the entire program. I did help them out 😛 they wanted me to stand there for moral support as well so I did the needful. They performed surprisingly well and I had this sense of achievement as what I taught, went into their systems well. When the session was over, each one of them came to personally thank me and tell me things like “Mam had it not been for you, we would’ve never learnt it this well”, “Mam you were very patient with us despite knowing the fact that we are weak in operating computers”, “Otherwise we are untamed but you brought a change in us and helped us learn something so complicated”. I LIVE for such statements. What’s life about anyway? Live in the moment right? There, I am doing exactly that!

So teachers, teach because you care about what they learn and not because you get paid for the job you do. Money doesn’t get you job satisfaction, your effort does.


This week has stirred up a myriad of emotions in our family, both good and bad. Firstly, I have had some life changing things happen to me, for which I wasn’t exactly prepared but somewhere anticipated. I am just about starting to get used to this and there is so much more to come. On the other hand, back at home, my brother isn’t quite going through the best of times, career wise. So on one side I have something amazing happen to me and on the other he is struggling to meet his expectations. I sat and wondered how difficult it must be for our parents to feel two things at once. Parenting I feel, is probably the most trying responsibility one can take on.

As children, we often blame our parents for some of the choices they make. It is a common trait to feel victimized or feel like they are being partial to the other sibling. But, when I look closely, I can now see some clarity behind those actions of theirs. While the problem is solved if there is only one child involved but I am sure that even then, there will be decisions like when to play the good cop or bad. Why I write about parenting and the downfalls or perks that come with it is because it suddenly hit me that nothing is at it seems on the surface. We are all actors and life is this huge stage where we perform every single day of our lives. We perform to please, we perform to satisfy, we perform sometimes to disappoint and we perform to be the best even at our worst.

So, do not overlook the little details of your life for they may be the key to happiness. Refrain from giving undue attention to things that do not require much of your time for time is precious and every performance has a time limit. The show can only go on till the curtains don’t shut!

Daddy’s little girl

It is my fathers birthday today and he turns 63 years young. Why I use the word young is because he is young at heart and never likes being called old. He is my favorite person of all, and no one can replace him. He has been a friend to me, a guide, a good father and above all he is someone who can make me laugh. Making someone laugh is not a quality all possess. It takes a certain knack and only the gifted can.

My father spent 36 years of his life as cabin crew for one of the reputed airlines. Growing up without him was different but now when I think of it, it was also probably difficult. I never got to take my father for my dance rehearsals. I never had the chance to perform in front of him. He wasn’t around most of the time and yet whenever he was around, it was all I wanted. I used to neglect my friends and spend my time with him. Of course at times I feel that I could’ve been a better daughter to him but I guess we all set standards high.

On his special day, I wanted to just make him laugh because no gift is better than that. I succeeded! 🙂 Especially since he lost his mother last year and I, my grandmother, he has been in some sort of a shell. So, no matter what happens in your life, never forget your parents. It is not just about making them feel special on their birthdays that matter, but other days too when they truly need you. Love them, cherish them and make them a part of your life than keeping  them away. For they are the reason why YOU have come to be and YOU are the reason that makes them happy.


Dear readers, I know that I went into hibernation for a few weeks but it is only because I had insane internet issues. Finally, it has started working and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my lappy.

So just to update you on the recent events, I am going to chalk out a few incidents in brief. Firstly, I got a job! I started working last week and I quit today. Strange? I happened to join this upcoming school, which has a name otherwise in the metropolitan cities here in India. Sadly, this being a smaller city, the school hasn’t managed to grab much attention. I wasn’t going to take up on their offer initially but something in me said that I should at least give it a try. My days there were numbered and this I knew from my very first day at work. I love children! I do. But how do you communicate with them in English, (my appointment being that of an English teacher), when they do not relate to the language or seem to be familiar with it. I let the first day pass and I told myself that I will take it up as a challenge and make a difference to their lives before I leave. This attitude is because I am usually positive about things. But as the days went by, I gave up!

I didn’t want to be a part of something which caused me so much stress that I dread going to work the next day. The school had zero consideration about me being the new teacher and all they did was dump the back log of the other teachers as also give me grades from 3rd to the 8th to teach simultaneously. I feel that for someone to be motivated to work at an organisation or institution, a good work environment is the key and absolutely necessary.

So, my inner voice said QUIT! It is not so much about the money for me, as much as it is about the experience. However, when one door closes another one opens. I have got another offer to teach English to the wives of our soldiers 🙂 Not only is this close to home, but also something that I will enjoy doing. The pay isn’t much  but like I said, it isn’t always about the money. So here’s looking forward to another opportunity, hoping this is everything I want it to be 🙂