Dear readers, I know that I went into hibernation for a few weeks but it is only because I had insane internet issues. Finally, it has started working and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my lappy.

So just to update you on the recent events, I am going to chalk out a few incidents in brief. Firstly, I got a job! I started working last week and I quit today. Strange? I happened to join this upcoming school, which has a name otherwise in the metropolitan cities here in India. Sadly, this being a smaller city, the school hasn’t managed to grab much attention. I wasn’t going to take up on their offer initially but something in me said that I should at least give it a try. My days there were numbered and this I knew from my very first day at work. I love children! I do. But how do you communicate with them in English, (my appointment being that of an English teacher), when they do not relate to the language or seem to be familiar with it. I let the first day pass and I told myself that I will take it up as a challenge and make a difference to their lives before I leave. This attitude is because I am usually positive about things. But as the days went by, I gave up!

I didn’t want to be a part of something which caused me so much stress that I dread going to work the next day. The school had zero consideration about me being the new teacher and all they did was dump the back log of the other teachers as also give me grades from 3rd to the 8th to teach simultaneously. I feel that for someone to be motivated to work at an organisation or institution, a good work environment is the key and absolutely necessary.

So, my inner voice said QUIT! It is not so much about the money for me, as much as it is about the experience. However, when one door closes another one opens. I have got another offer to teach English to the wives of our soldiers 🙂 Not only is this close to home, but also something that I will enjoy doing. The pay isn’t much  but like I said, it isn’t always about the money. So here’s looking forward to another opportunity, hoping this is everything I want it to be 🙂


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