Daddy’s little girl

It is my fathers birthday today and he turns 63 years young. Why I use the word young is because he is young at heart and never likes being called old. He is my favorite person of all, and no one can replace him. He has been a friend to me, a guide, a good father and above all he is someone who can make me laugh. Making someone laugh is not a quality all possess. It takes a certain knack and only the gifted can.

My father spent 36 years of his life as cabin crew for one of the reputed airlines. Growing up without him was different but now when I think of it, it was also probably difficult. I never got to take my father for my dance rehearsals. I never had the chance to perform in front of him. He wasn’t around most of the time and yet whenever he was around, it was all I wanted. I used to neglect my friends and spend my time with him. Of course at times I feel that I could’ve been a better daughter to him but I guess we all set standards high.

On his special day, I wanted to just make him laugh because no gift is better than that. I succeeded! 🙂 Especially since he lost his mother last year and I, my grandmother, he has been in some sort of a shell. So, no matter what happens in your life, never forget your parents. It is not just about making them feel special on their birthdays that matter, but other days too when they truly need you. Love them, cherish them and make them a part of your life than keeping  them away. For they are the reason why YOU have come to be and YOU are the reason that makes them happy.


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