This week has stirred up a myriad of emotions in our family, both good and bad. Firstly, I have had some life changing things happen to me, for which I wasn’t exactly prepared but somewhere anticipated. I am just about starting to get used to this and there is so much more to come. On the other hand, back at home, my brother isn’t quite going through the best of times, career wise. So on one side I have something amazing happen to me and on the other he is struggling to meet his expectations. I sat and wondered how difficult it must be for our parents to feel two things at once. Parenting I feel, is probably the most trying responsibility one can take on.

As children, we often blame our parents for some of the choices they make. It is a common trait to feel victimized or feel like they are being partial to the other sibling. But, when I look closely, I can now see some clarity behind those actions of theirs. While the problem is solved if there is only one child involved but I am sure that even then, there will be decisions like when to play the good cop or bad. Why I write about parenting and the downfalls or perks that come with it is because it suddenly hit me that nothing is at it seems on the surface. We are all actors and life is this huge stage where we perform every single day of our lives. We perform to please, we perform to satisfy, we perform sometimes to disappoint and we perform to be the best even at our worst.

So, do not overlook the little details of your life for they may be the key to happiness. Refrain from giving undue attention to things that do not require much of your time for time is precious and every performance has a time limit. The show can only go on till the curtains don’t shut!


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