Teaching the teachers.


Of all the lessons and methods that I learnt during my teacher training course two years ago, I hold one lesson very valuable. It is that of being a learner in any environment. Teachers are facilitators, true, but we are also learners. I believe that we have a lot to learn from our students, who are, let’s face it; our present generation. Their reactions, their responses, their questions, their curiosity; there’s nothing not to love!

Last Friday, I was asked to conduct English language sessions for teachers from a reputed school here. This task was supposed to go on for a week so that the keen teachers learn a little more about the software. I am someone who always wants to reach out to people, help a little more and be selfless. The teaching profession has made me aware of more of my inner qualities along with these. I want to teach to make a difference. I can’t just stand in front of the class, go on teaching only to realize that I can’t connect with my students. This project of teaching the teachers was something I needed to do for myself, in order to understand my capabilities. The first two days was a little difficult as no senior teacher would appreciate someone younger than them to take charge. So it is safe to say that there may have been some ego issues, subtle but prevalent. But as the days passed, they noticed that I am there to help them out and not to outsmart them. I got great responses from them, they took to me well and this was a major boost for me.

Today, I had to conduct a test which was nothing but a recapitulation of the entire program. I did help them out 😛 they wanted me to stand there for moral support as well so I did the needful. They performed surprisingly well and I had this sense of achievement as what I taught, went into their systems well. When the session was over, each one of them came to personally thank me and tell me things like “Mam had it not been for you, we would’ve never learnt it this well”, “Mam you were very patient with us despite knowing the fact that we are weak in operating computers”, “Otherwise we are untamed but you brought a change in us and helped us learn something so complicated”. I LIVE for such statements. What’s life about anyway? Live in the moment right? There, I am doing exactly that!

So teachers, teach because you care about what they learn and not because you get paid for the job you do. Money doesn’t get you job satisfaction, your effort does.


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