Some sparkle

It wasn’t love at first sight,

but it was Love.

You don’t need to ‘try’ to comfort me,

you by yourself make me want to be me.

It isn’t that easy to find something so splendid

and yet I was lucky enough that I did.

At first it was mere passion and lust,

with time we have settled in each other like dust.

Come, let’s waver together, together in our own world

for we need no other, no material no gold.

Be my star, the true sparkle of my life,

I wouldn’t have had it any other way than to be your lawfully wedded wife.



The thing about rains

The past few days have been a blessing in disguise in the literal sense. The temperature was soaring high and all we needed was for the rain Gods to show us some mercy. Much to our likes, our prayers were answered 🙂 . Now, the place where I am in, doesn’t really have monsoon as a season but it has little elements of it. Better yet, it comes in the form of crazy cool winds and then a downpour.


The rains are here! It usually gets dull in the mornings with overcast dark clouds putting a blanket on the sun. This is followed by strong winds where the trees are dancing, where you can dry your wet hair after a bath, where your dog doesn’t demand to come inside the house for some Air conditioner, where the world around you seems to be swaying to the rhythm of nature. I love these winds! Then, out of nowhere you find raindrops making their way to the ground, they are slanting in nature due to the force of the winds and in no time, you can smell the wet earth. The thing about rains is it takes you to a different place. It reminds you of how happy plants can get when you see the true green of their wet leaves. It makes you enjoy cooking, which otherwise is just another chore for you. Speaking of which, there’s mutton fry and some potato veggies for lunch today. I can’t wait for the clock to strike 1:30 so that I can get my tummy’s worth of food.

Rains also take you back to your childhood. I remember going to school sometimes soaking wet as we used to get caught in the rain just before reaching. Once we were within the school premises, while with our friends, it was a different thrill to dry ourselves and our books and bags with not a care in the world. Sometimes I feel we were more independent then than now. Although I still hate getting out in the rain, I don’t mind a little drive in my car. This weather makes you do so many things differently and also makes you miss your family and friends a lot. Some of the most treasured moments have been staying indoors on a rainy day. As a family, we used to play board games for hours and mum usually made us something interesting to eat. It was a perfect combination! Although whenever my father was home, he used to enjoy reading his paper, sipping on some tea and just gazing out of the window, breathing the freshness of the mud.

I can go on and on about this but my tummy is starting to growl and a delicious meal awaits me. I am signing off for now, but I will be back soon 🙂

To my beloved grandmother..


It has been a year today, since you left us. I miss you each and every day, wishing we could speak again or I could hold your hand and take you for your walks. You are still around, I can feel you; just not present physically. I know for a fact that grandfather must be keeping you entertained up there and you on the other hand have so much news to give him about all of us. I saw you last on June 10th 2015, after which I had to travel with my husband to our new home. I can never forget the sight of you crying at the dining table because I was leaving 😦 . Last summer was the best one for me as I had the opportunity to take care of you, give you baths, talk to you, lay next to you, try and feed you and listen to all your old shenanigans. It amazed me to hear one particular story which was, the one where you have tried all sorts of alcohol and not just that, you have also tried your hand at smoking! You surely were the coolest, most loving grandmother.

I remember how immaculately you used to be dressed all the time, in your chiffon sarees, french bun and your rose pink nail paint on those beautifully shaped nails. All my friends admired you for being so well turned out always. You could walk upright, right till the end. It is only after your fall that you slowed down, but never did you give up. When I reached my new home here, I was excited and wanted to give you a call and tell you all about it. But I was late! Four days after I moved in, I received the news 😦 I have cried for months in a row and somewhere I was glad that I didn’t come back to attend the funeral. To me, you are still alive and I know you are guiding me to do the right thing at every step.

You will live in our hearts forever 😦 I love you.