To my beloved grandmother..


It has been a year today, since you left us. I miss you each and every day, wishing we could speak again or I could hold your hand and take you for your walks. You are still around, I can feel you; just not present physically. I know for a fact that grandfather must be keeping you entertained up there and you on the other hand have so much news to give him about all of us. I saw you last on June 10th 2015, after which I had to travel with my husband to our new home. I can never forget the sight of you crying at the dining table because I was leaving 😦 . Last summer was the best one for me as I had the opportunity to take care of you, give you baths, talk to you, lay next to you, try and feed you and listen to all your old shenanigans. It amazed me to hear one particular story which was, the one where you have tried all sorts of alcohol and not just that, you have also tried your hand at smoking! You surely were the coolest, most loving grandmother.

I remember how immaculately you used to be dressed all the time, in your chiffon sarees, french bun and your rose pink nail paint on those beautifully shaped nails. All my friends admired you for being so well turned out always. You could walk upright, right till the end. It is only after your fall that you slowed down, but never did you give up. When I reached my new home here, I was excited and wanted to give you a call and tell you all about it. But I was late! Four days after I moved in, I received the news 😦 I have cried for months in a row and somewhere I was glad that I didn’t come back to attend the funeral. To me, you are still alive and I know you are guiding me to do the right thing at every step.

You will live in our hearts forever 😦 I love you.


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