Miss know it all ;)

Of late,surprisingly I have been coming across a lot of these ‘miss know it all’ type of ladies. The ones that somehow seem to know SO much more than the rest of the world. Or can I say, they ‘claim’ to know.

I may sound super b****y in this post but I’m at my wits end now. When having a normal conversation, these ladies want to overshadow my content and become overbearing and overpowering instead (realized the usage of ‘over’ over 2 times). Why? Why is it so difficult to accept the fact that someone may know something better than you? Why do ladies ‘pretend’ to be smart or something like that.This evening I had one such sample trying to gloat and gloat of how she knows best and whatever she and her friends do are the best. Love, I’ve had far more exposure than you, just that FB wasn’t all that active at the time for me to post updates about it. As also wasn’t whatsapp.

My pregnancy expects me to be a positive mom to-be but somehow one rotten apple seems to get in the way. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has come across this type. If I delve further into this, I could get my readers to share their experiences, probably offer me some tips on how to ‘keep calm and move on’.

In conclusion, I appreciate people who know more than I do, not the ones who “claim” to know more than I do. Share your skills, your knowledge etc but not at the cost of outsmarting someone or making any less of them.


It’s like forgetting, the words to my favorite song.


This post is with reference to the changes I have been experiencing with my body. Pregnancy has definitely brought a huge change to my lifestyle and dressing. When Facebook reminds me of “memories” that I have from 7-8 years back, it feels like it is deliberately trying to tell me or rather show me what I used to be. Truth be told, I don’t even remember having a waist size of 24 or 26. When I had it, I didn’t care for it, now that I don’t have it, I kind of wish I did. We always want what we once had!

Having said that, I love how I am ‘expanding’ right now. This is erasing memories of the body that I used to have, but someone inside is slowly teaching me not to worry about that as of now. While some of my friends haven’t even settled down, here I am having a baby. I sit and ‘like’ all their travel posts and somewhere envy their lives. But when I actually narrow it down, their vacation lasts and is limited only for those few days while I’m on a journey of a lifetime. I feel like I have a souvenir of love and happiness with me, which no money can buy.

Sometimes, we all have to give something up to get something better. At other times, we have to give something up just ’cause we have to. The thing is, you need to seek happiness in both. Life happens but what you need to remember is how to be ALIVE!

That love.



After ages I got reminded of how special I am to someone. That someone being my husband! Since we have now become THREE, with the little one soon to come into our lives, I have started writing a book for it. The book is going to have all that the baby has been surrounded with or experienced with me. When he/she turns 13 or 18, I plan to present it. I wish someone had recorded all of the important events when I was in my mamma’s belly.

So yesterday I asked my husband to write a few lines about me as an introduction for the baby as I did for him. I thought it was better for us to introduce ourselves through each other. He made time and wrote it today when he was at work. When he returned he kept asking me to read it and since I was busy in the kitchen, I took a while before I sat down to read. When I read what he wrote, my eyes were so moist and my heart warm. He is a man of a few words and seldom expresses his feelings, so the baby book was like a catalyst. I felt so amazing inside and I haven’t felt this way in a long time.

I just want my readers to know that LOVE comes in small packages. It never dies, only lives with you till the end of time. You just have to find it in you to believe in that love. There are moments when you feel like it doesn’t exist or it has faded, but moments like these tell you that it never really went away. So, go on and tell your love what they mean to you and make their day 🙂