It’s like forgetting, the words to my favorite song.


This post is with reference to the changes I have been experiencing with my body. Pregnancy has definitely brought a huge change to my lifestyle and dressing. When Facebook reminds me of “memories” that I have from 7-8 years back, it feels like it is deliberately trying to tell me or rather show me what I used to be. Truth be told, I don’t even remember having a waist size of 24 or 26. When I had it, I didn’t care for it, now that I don’t have it, I kind of wish I did. We always want what we once had!

Having said that, I love how I am ‘expanding’ right now. This is erasing memories of the body that I used to have, but someone inside is slowly teaching me not to worry about that as of now. While some of my friends haven’t even settled down, here I am having a baby. I sit and ‘like’ all their travel posts and somewhere envy their lives. But when I actually narrow it down, their vacation lasts and is limited only for those few days while I’m on a journey of a lifetime. I feel like I have a souvenir of love and happiness with me, which no money can buy.

Sometimes, we all have to give something up to get something better. At other times, we have to give something up just ’cause we have to. The thing is, you need to seek happiness in both. Life happens but what you need to remember is how to be ALIVE!


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