Miss know it all ;)

Of late,surprisingly I have been coming across a lot of these ‘miss know it all’ type of ladies. The ones that somehow seem to know SO much more than the rest of the world. Or can I say, they ‘claim’ to know.

I may sound super b****y in this post but I’m at my wits end now. When having a normal conversation, these ladies want to overshadow my content and become overbearing and overpowering instead (realized the usage of ‘over’ over 2 times). Why? Why is it so difficult to accept the fact that someone may know something better than you? Why do ladies ‘pretend’ to be smart or something like that.This evening I had one such sample trying to gloat and gloat of how she knows best and whatever she and her friends do are the best. Love, I’ve had far more exposure than you, just that FB wasn’t all that active at the time for me to post updates about it. As also wasn’t whatsapp.

My pregnancy expects me to be a positive mom to-be but somehow one rotten apple seems to get in the way. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has come across this type. If I delve further into this, I could get my readers to share their experiences, probably offer me some tips on how to ‘keep calm and move on’.

In conclusion, I appreciate people who know more than I do, not the ones who “claim” to know more than I do. Share your skills, your knowledge etc but not at the cost of outsmarting someone or making any less of them.


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