Bond, Ruskin Bond

This may come as as a bit of a shock to some of you (or may be not, judging by my poor writing skills), that I am not much of a reader. I love to write but not to read. Truth be told, there are very few books that I have read so far but those are the ones that actually had an impact on me.

Now that I am expecting, I have ample time in hand to do what I want. Of all the things, I decided to take up a little bit of reading. This is only because my father recommended this book to me, coaxing me into believing that it’ll take me back to my childhood, in turn making me happy and positive. Well, he was right!

I have read a few short stories by Ruskin Bond while in school. The reason I get glued onto his work is because he writes with a connection to the reader. The language is simple, easy to understand and something that would connect you to your thoughts. Since last night I have been reading his short stories, most of which I relate to. He makes you a part of his story,as if you’re reliving it one more time. I believe if a writer can make you feel this way, he’s a hero!

I am writing just because I feel happy to be reading something of quality and something that touches my soul. As a fellow writer, I hope and wish there are more aspiring Ruskin bonds in the making! Here’s to the love for writing and for this community.


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