For the love of Indian cinema.

As soon as I woke up from my afternoon Ciesta , I have plonked my a** on our comfortable couch and haven’t moved much. I know it isn’t the best form of exercise but sometimes I feel like just being glued to the TV as back at home, we don’t have a TV or rather decided not to keep one. My husband and I believe that too much inactivity isn’t good for the system. Now, before I deviate from the subject- TV , yes I was watching this movie called ‘Goliyon ki raas leela:Ram Leela’ by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

SLB is a director with a vision, with a tragic underlying love story and someone who has made some brilliant cinema. He makes movies which look like they are straight out of a painting.  His aesthetic sense of style, his eye for period decor and his immense knowledge about direction, makes a non-movie buff like me interested in watching good quality cinema. For those of you who have taken to Bollywood, I would love for you’ll to download this one and trust me, you’ll will thank me later 😛

Of course, our kind of cinema may seem a little different to my dear followers but I believe in appreciation of hard work which ends up looking like this piece of art! From the star cast to the location, from the sets to the songs, it is a treat! So please please try and watch this movie, after which I will suggest his next brilliant piece 😛 . Do drop in a comment if and when you catch this movie. Lots of love xoxo



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