70 years since ..

What does freedom mean to me?
Freedom means being able to walk freely in the cantt without having to worry about the time, crowd or light.

Freedom to me means being able to leave my quarter(accommodation) without a lock as I invest a huge amount of trust in our Bhaiyya/sahayak

Freedom to me means the ability to express yourself in languages that you learn on the way by meeting people from all possible backgrounds

Freedom to me is knowing that my husband will come home for his meals and to rest with me even on extra stressful days at work

Freedom is when they play the movie at the amphi theatre even if you’re the ONLY one watching it

Freedom is knowing that you’ll always be safe in the company of the men in uniform

Freedom is being present in a crowd n yet having your privacy at home

Freedom is the encouragement that the forces provide you with , for any big step you wish to take

Freedom is making me ‘independent’ every time he has to leave
Freedom is the price my husband pays as and when duty calls
Freedom is the olive green family. Freedom is being wedded to it.


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