Live and Kickin’

I have just about entered my fifth month of pregnancy now. Finally, it gets a little safer and interesting, at least that’s what I’ve heard. The untimely nausea seems to have stopped for now and I am beginning to notice a few other changes.

Well, for starters I have a very visible bump that I am proud of and love to sport around. Truth be told, I had a bump as early as in my third month itself. But I would pretend that I am a helium balloon and it’s basically gas or something haha. So this bump feels great and what’s inside feels greater. Since August 12th, I have actually started focusing and observing flutters in my belly. Seems like the bun in the oven is slowly opening up to me! I definitely started feeling flutters before August 12th but I didn’t pay enough heed to record that event in my life! Today, the little one seems to be active and is probably rolling around listening to all the noises and activities I’m exposed to.

Honestly, each day I wait to feel the baby and its signaling. I have this little life inside of me and it is THE best thing possible. I used to often wonder why women rave so much about motherhood, with all the body changes and vomiting that it has to offer after all. But, now I understand that it has so much more to offer. There’s nothing I don’t love about this and I’m sure most mothers out there will agree with the same 🙂


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