Much love.

Dogs: The beings closest to humans! I used to be petrified of these adorable creatures until I decided to have one of my own. It happened suddenly, when my aunts dog littered TEN puppies, ready to be adopted or given away to good homes. The mother is a cocker spaniel while the father was a lhasa apso. Another root was the grandfather who was a Samoyed, fondly known as a snow dog. The cute little munchkins were a combination of black and white, leaving out two of them to be pure white males. They were barely three weeks old when I first saw them.

When I had heard of this news, I wanted to go take a look at them. Still petrified, I just wanted to give it a shot, I mean how bad could puppies be! The moment I saw them, my heart melted but I still didn’t have the guts to carry one of them, they hadn’t even opened their eyes. Finally, I mustered courage and picked one up. He was white like a powder puff and tubby with a sweet rounded snout. I looked closely and he was just trying to grasp my smell probably, so I kissed him! That’s it, I knew then that this one had to be mine. It was a tough call but I just felt a connection to him. So, after a lot of convincing I finally managed to bring him home. My brother was equally petrified but today, both of us look at him with so much love and thank him for being a part of our lives. Not only has he brought tremendous happiness to us, but also given us unconditional love. He has made us a family again as no conversation goes without mentioning him.

Who would’ve imagined a Dog to do what another human can’t? But Dog spelled backwards is God and they’re truly divine creatures of humanity, brought to this earth to Love and be loved. I wish my baby Brando (as handsome as Marlon Brando), could read all that I have written for him.Although our mister understands spellings like BATH or WALK, not that he’s any less intelligent you see hehe. I just can’t imagine a day without him and I thank my stars for having made the right decision.


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