Lost values.

This article is mainly relevant to the children in India and I have no intention of hurting my followers from across the globe as I am not aware of how it works there.

When I decided to pursue my Bachelors in Education, I took it up with the intent of mainly interacting with the present generation of kids and learning from them while also teaching them what I already know. It came as shocker to me when I saw the change in my upbringing and theirs. Yes, one must accept change with the changing times but one must also remember their routes! I don’t blame the children as much as I blame their parents. Kids have the tendency to emulate what their parents do and it means that a good example is what they need to follow. A few things that I have been paying attention to has been annoying me to the extent that I am imprinting it in my mind so as to not repeat it with my little one.

  1. The concept of play: Mud, parks, outdoor games etc. are all a thing of the past. Yes, sadly it is true! These days I find even 2 year olds knowing how to access gadgets. How do they know it? It is because their parents find it convenient to give them a phone or an ipad to keep them occupied instead of sitting down with them and teaching them things.
  2. Stories: Children grow up watching series meant for adults and hence end up behaving like adults themselves. They learn to back answer, to argue senselessly, to validate what they know by pointing out flaws in their parents and so on. Parents have completely forgotten the art of reading and how it can stimulate their imagination. Books with beautiful illustrations are still available in the market, so kindly invest and show them pictures when you read to them.
  3. Basic etiquette: The most annoying thing that I have observed is the tendency to be anti-social. They come home visiting but never bother to look up from their mothers phone screens. As kids, we were taught to always answer and maintain eye contact with adults when they ask you questions or want to indulge in some conversation. Secondly, over enthusiasm in elders conversations is also not welcome. Parents must teach them to leave the room when required as too much exposure has never really done anyone good.

There are more complaints I have towards the latest trend of parenting but somehow I feel like pausing right here. It is kinda mind boggling and may be I am being too judgemental but even if I am, it is well within reason. Please make time for your little ones, build a strong foundation and help them grow into successful good human beings. Money can’t buy these moments neither can it buy personality. You have to guide them and teach them right from wrong, only then there is a chance at a better future.


What’s one anyway??


Well, well, well it is finally time to announce the arrival of our little bun. I know it may seem a little too early but this post is limited to my blog! I haven’t gone rampant on social media yet, as I am a little wary of prying eyes.

Being a huge GOT fan myself, I couldn’t be too original and decided to use “winter is coming” for our little advertisement. Can’t say it’s a bad idea 😛 I had to steal off the baby feet picture from the internet just to match our footprints from our honeymoon in Goa, back in December 2012. Such fond memories of having known him for the past 5 years and today we are all set to make more memories, probably sweeter ones with our little bundle of joy. Time flies, you’re challenged every single day and you least expect what comes your way! But news like this, can only come in packages of happiness, love and excitement.

So, here’s hoping to celebrate the New Year with an irreplaceable gift 🙂 Need all your love and wishes, for everything to go off smoothly. xoxo

Our little language <3

The moment we find someone we can connect with, on levels best known to us, we tend to form a new language with them. We either start exchanging new terms or adapt to each others way of talking and communicating. I find this to be extremely helpful as also cute. Language may not necessarily be about the words you choose to utter, but it can just be that look in one’s eyes to be able to tell you what needs to be told.

The reason I am writing about this unspoken of language is because I found mine with him. Yes, small gestures or exchange of ideas are so easy when it is with him. Neither too much explanation is needed, nor you have the fear of being wronged. I am almost 2200 kms away from my spouse and yet I am able to understand his emotions, his routine, his moods etc. with less communication. Same applies to him, of course this has come with much training haha. To express this concept of our secret language better, I am going to quote these beautiful lines from a song I enjoy listening to:

‘Sitting by the edge of the world,

I know it’s true

That we wrote a language,

Just for me and you’

I reckon all of you to find your connect with your own little language because FB, Whatsapp, twitter or snapchat can only do so much. Rest of it is what makes your relationship personal and more in tune. So, go figure! 🙂


Been a while since I last wrote but this was due to a little getaway with my mum to my home in the northern part of India, where my husband is presently. I went home to be with him for two months but returned in a few days as the weather did not suit me one bit. It is definitely tough being an army wife, with the distance and moments you miss out on but such is life. I miss my man, and I know he misses me too.

Focusing on the more important aspect of our lives, the little baby inside; I am glad that my husband experienced a kick or two from the little one. He was definitely ecstatic and would keep feeling my tummy on and off. The latest being, our little one is beginning to do somersaults inside! Up until now I only felt the kicks but now I can feel this kind of a churn inside which makes me believe that the baby is up to a lot of mischief. This is an even greater feeling than the kick that I have been experiencing. It tells me that I have a naughty little muffin growing inside whom I can’t wait to smother with love. Just thought I’d share a little excerpt from motherhood diaries before I get caught up with the usual.

Signing off for now, until we meet again 🙂