Been a while since I last wrote but this was due to a little getaway with my mum to my home in the northern part of India, where my husband is presently. I went home to be with him for two months but returned in a few days as the weather did not suit me one bit. It is definitely tough being an army wife, with the distance and moments you miss out on but such is life. I miss my man, and I know he misses me too.

Focusing on the more important aspect of our lives, the little baby inside; I am glad that my husband experienced a kick or two from the little one. He was definitely ecstatic and would keep feeling my tummy on and off. The latest being, our little one is beginning to do somersaults inside! Up until now I only felt the kicks but now I can feel this kind of a churn inside which makes me believe that the baby is up to a lot of mischief. This is an even greater feeling than the kick that I have been experiencing. It tells me that I have a naughty little muffin growing inside whom I can’t wait to smother with love. Just thought I’d share a little excerpt from motherhood diaries before I get caught up with the usual.

Signing off for now, until we meet again 🙂


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