Our little language <3

The moment we find someone we can connect with, on levels best known to us, we tend to form a new language with them. We either start exchanging new terms or adapt to each others way of talking and communicating. I find this to be extremely helpful as also cute. Language may not necessarily be about the words you choose to utter, but it can just be that look in one’s eyes to be able to tell you what needs to be told.

The reason I am writing about this unspoken of language is because I found mine with him. Yes, small gestures or exchange of ideas are so easy when it is with him. Neither too much explanation is needed, nor you have the fear of being wronged. I am almost 2200 kms away from my spouse and yet I am able to understand his emotions, his routine, his moods etc. with less communication. Same applies to him, of course this has come with much training haha. To express this concept of our secret language better, I am going to quote these beautiful lines from a song I enjoy listening to:

‘Sitting by the edge of the world,

I know it’s true

That we wrote a language,

Just for me and you’

I reckon all of you to find your connect with your own little language because FB, Whatsapp, twitter or snapchat can only do so much. Rest of it is what makes your relationship personal and more in tune. So, go figure! 🙂


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