What’s one anyway??


Well, well, well it is finally time to announce the arrival of our little bun. I know it may seem a little too early but this post is limited to my blog! I haven’t gone rampant on social media yet, as I am a little wary of prying eyes.

Being a huge GOT fan myself, I couldn’t be too original and decided to use “winter is coming” for our little advertisement. Can’t say it’s a bad idea 😛 I had to steal off the baby feet picture from the internet just to match our footprints from our honeymoon in Goa, back in December 2012. Such fond memories of having known him for the past 5 years and today we are all set to make more memories, probably sweeter ones with our little bundle of joy. Time flies, you’re challenged every single day and you least expect what comes your way! But news like this, can only come in packages of happiness, love and excitement.

So, here’s hoping to celebrate the New Year with an irreplaceable gift 🙂 Need all your love and wishes, for everything to go off smoothly. xoxo


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