Scars of life

Been a while since I jotted down my thoughts but here I am again, to share with my readers another excerpt. I have been extremely busy, getting pampered by my relatives and close friends as I am now entering my third trimester and the clock is going to start ticking soon. As mentioned in my earlier article, my body has definitely gone through a whole lot of changes but not half of what I expected. However, one such change that I saw recently and couldn’t come to accept is my stretch marks.

These marks are reddish in color and have distributed themselves on either sides of my belly. I couldn’t see it earlier as I can’t bend forward no more. So on one particular day as I stood bare in front of the mirror, I noticed them. Quite fascinated by the root like design it has made on my belly, I stared at it for a while. While doing so, I got a kick from the little one inside! It served as a reminder that those marks were nothing but scars of LIFE, that I was given the right to form inside me. Was it a beautiful reminder? Yes! This journey has proved to be far more interesting than I had imagined it to be and truth be told, I want to be pregnant forever now! haha.. Sitting and waiting for those kicks or somersaults, give me such a high.

So if anything, I just want my readers to know that embracing motherhood and the changes that it brings about, is the best decision you can make. Not only does it bring you internal happiness but it kind of prepares you for what is to come. So, embrace the joys and enjoy the journey!