The Purple Gandhi.



The Indian PM, Sri Narendra Modi created a panic wave overnight by completely demonetizing the 500 and 1000 rupee notes. While Trump won the polls overseas, causing the masses to react in an unruly manner, the so called rich and elite couldn’t fathom what had happened overnight, giving them sleepless nights. All the black money that was tucked away , was now being burned on the streets or exchanged in banks for newer notes. What’s worse is that despite this move of his, the worst affected have been the daily wages or the labor class of people.

In place of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, we now have this snazzy wafer thin purple colored 2000 rupee note. To top it all, it has one of our celebrated leaders Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on it 😀 . I have no clue how this will help all of us but I am sure there is some logic to it. Imagine the plight of our vegetable vendors? They don’t have card swiping machines at their disposal, neither loose cash in hand to return to their customers. Worse yet, imagine the ‘ladies of the night’ who earn a meagre amount close to 100-200 rupees in some of the poorer red light areas. Their only source of income gets taken away and they probably have to settle for something lesser. Not only do they risk their health, but they also go through such emotional turmoil facing their clients.

Purple isn’t the color I am looking up to as of now especially ’cause it is creating a lot of ‘red’ and suffering. Here’s hoping that Mr. Modi achieves what he has planned to, otherwise he is bound to lose all the respect that he has managed to gain, OVERNIGHT! Well a lot of things can happen overnight and this is the best example isn’t it? 😛


















How about NO?

NO- such a powerful word on its own. It almost speaks of itself as an entire sentence and yet it is the most disrespected of all terms. If you are not comfortable with an idea, you say NO! If you do not want to go ahead with a plan, you say NO! If you want to refuse an offer, you definitely use the word NO! Then, why is it that people still push and pursue you? Why isn’t NO taken for an answer? Why is it taken otherwise? This is because we now live in a world where freedom is being widely misused and supressing the opposite sex has become a hobby.

When a man or a woman say NO to any sort of a relationship, be it physical or emotional, it needs to be considered as serious. One cannot force themselves on someone, after that someone has said NO. It can be termed as rape or non consented sex. Even at your work place, you do have the right to refuse an offer that doesn’t suit you or one that you aren’t comfortable taking up. NO means NO and it certainly doesn’t mean that ‘i’ll think about it’, ‘give me some time’ or that ‘i’m available’.

I wanted to write about this powerful word as someone close to me is going through something terrible and I wanted to bring to light, what a single NO can do to your life and the things it can undo. So, please be clear in your communications and actions so as to not fall prey to any of the gimmicks that may cost you, your reputation.