“Let’s love each other, even when we are mad at each other”

A sweet thing my husband told me last night during our conversation. I was expressing my worst fears and worries now that we are going to enter parenthood. Anyway I am known to worry a little more than necessary but isn’t it always better to be open about it? So here we were discussing life post the baby and how things are going to change drastically. I was telling him his duties and he was reassuring me each time saying that we will be just fine. Amidst all this I even mentioned that in case we don’t meet half way, it is going to cause fights and frustrate us to no extent. It is but obvious that with a third little human in the picture, responsibilities are bound to increase and it is only better and wiser to share them equally. To this, he said that “let’s love each other, even when we are mad at each other”. This not only rhymed but it made complete sense.

Every time a couple fights, they lose complete sense of what they are saying or doing at the moment. This doesn’t always work in their favor as each person takes on the role of a demon. This is when the mind does the talking and not the heart. To think of it, wouldn’t it help to actually remind yourselves of the love you have for each other, rather ruin everything you have? As hard as it is and as easy as this sounds, it is a step that both must take to maintain the sanctity of the relationship.

In conclusion, fight but do it right so as to not affect or be affected by emotions too much. It does take a toll on your personality and kind of mars the whole idea of being together with someone. So, love is your only resort go for it!


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