It’s time

It’s time to do up your trees, time to enjoy festivities. It’s time to bring down all your woollies, time to indulge in chocolates and crispies. It’s time to relive the entire year, it’s time to embrace the new year without fear. It’s now time for a new member to join me, it is time to make a beautiful and happy family 🙂

As the year comes to an end, it brings back all the moments i have lived since the very first day of the year. How time flies, how relationships change, how one has to take each day as it comes, it is truly a miracle! All said and done, i can only feel grateful for having experienced some very new things in my life. Experiences that have not only changed me as a person but also changed my perception. In a few days, i am all set to be a mother to a beautiful little baby that all of us have been eagerly waiting for. What will 2017 hold for me? It will make me a little more selfless and a it is going to give me a lot of strength and courage to embrace my new role.

So, here’s wishing each one of you a blissful year end filled with love and joy! After all it is only the End to start a new beginning.


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